Integrity Attorney Services is a full service comprehensive legal services company.

We believe we are an extension of your business and need to positively reflect your office in the community. From the appearance of our couriers, to the accuracy of our billing, to how you are treated on the phone, you will always find INTEGRITY is our primary focus.

Process Service

Your clients rely on your legal expertise and guidance. Now you can trust an expert in Process Service. Integrity Attorney Services has 29 years experience.

Courier Service

At Integrity Attorney Services, legal deliveries are our specialty. With professionally trained legal couriers, we’ll have your court filings properly processed and always on time. In addition, our couriers will obtain and return to you a time and date stamped copy of the filings for your records.

Our knowledge of state and federal courts in Arizona is unmatched by our competitors. This success, in part, is the result of our staff’s commitment to go above and beyond the role of the average courier. We promise to oversee each order from start to finish to ensure that your documents are delivered to the court in timely manner.

Court Research

In addition to the handling of a firm’s filings of court documents, Integrity Attorney Services is also fully capable of any research that may need to be performed at the various courts or government offices. At a rate that is less than that of a legal assistant.

Skip Trace

When someone has moved and you're tired of paying for database searches that don't solve the problem, call the tracing professionals at Integrity Attorney Services.

Efrain’s intention is to raise the bar of service, integrity, and accuracy in court filings, deliveries, servings and research. The Integrity Team would like an opportunity to show you just how high the bar can go.


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